August 26, 2011


August 26, 2011

Excerpts from "Persuasion".  One of my favorite movies with Sally Hawkins and Rupert Penry Jones.

Is he married?
I do not know that he is 
And yet, so eligible a gentleman would truly by now have formed an attachment
Would he bring his wife here with his children?
I only pray that I am spared any meeting
I know my chance at happiness is past forever
But to be reminded of it by his presence here
It would, I am certain, be more than my spirits could bare.

The worst is over
I have seen him
We have been once more in the same room
A bow, a curtsy
I heard his voice
And then, he was gone
He has not forgiven me
I have used him ill
deserted and disappointed him
And worst, have shown a feebleness of character in doing so
Which his own decided comfort and temper could not endure.

Once there were no two hearts so open
No feelings so in harmony
Now we are strangers
Worst than strangers
For we may never become acquainted
It is perpetual estrangement
And tonight, I am to be tested once more.


Now I understand him
He can never forgive me
He condemns me still with the past
And is becoming now quite attached to another
And yet
Still he cannot be unfeeling
He cannot see me suffer
Without wishing to give relief
This is where the proof of his own good warm and amiable heart
I cannot contemplate
without infinite pain and regret.

You will be delighted to hear
that I am at last resolved to settle down.
Indeed, Frederick, I am delighted to hear it
Pray, do you have anyone in mind?
No, no!  I am quite ready to make
a foolish match with any woman
between 15 and 30.
A little beauty, a few smiles
and a compliment to the Navy
and I shall be lost forever!
Oh, come Frederick!
After all, what wife is a humble sailor to expect any better?

But if I am to speak in earnest
What I desire above all in a wife
is firmness of character.
A woman who knows her own mind.
A weak spirit which is always open to persuasion first
one way then another
can never be relied on.

I will not allow a woman's nature
to be more constant with a man's
And yet, you will allow the poetry
they tell us endlessly, the thickness of women?
And they are not all written by men?
Yes, Miss Elliott, perhaps they are.
I see we shall not readily agree on this
I would never suppose that true constancy
is known by women
But the one claim I shall make of my own sex
is that we love longest
when all hope is gone.

Miss Elliott, I can bear this no longer
It pierces my soul with half agony
and half hope
I have loved none but you
You alone have brought me to Bath
For you alone I think and plan
I must see you
I must go, uncertain of my faith
A word
a look
will be enough
And tell me not that I am too late
with such precious feelings
are gone forever.

Captain, I am
I am receipt of your proposal
And I accept it
Thank you!
Are you quite certain?
I am!
I am determined!
I will!
And nothing, it may be sure
forever persuade me otherwise!

This movie is so achingly beautiful! I cried til the end.

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  1. I just read this for the first time in ages last month--it was my vacation read, and it was sooo good! Now I've just requested the movie....