February 12, 2012

Ali MacGraw

Flipping through the pink section this morning, I came across an article on the ever so gorgeous Ali MacGraw from the famous movie Love Story.  Would you believe, she's 72?  I was 12 when I saw this movie and it was the biggest tear jerker of all time back in the day.  Watching it now, nearly 40 years later, the story line seems a bit amateurish compared to other tear jerker movies such as Terms of Endearment, Steel Magnolias, Beaches, etc.  I could have written that movie myself! 

Ali will appear at the Castro Theatre on Valentine's Day.  The show is called Love: Ali MacGraw, a Valentine's Day Celebration.  She will be interviewed at 8 pm and Love Story will be shown at 9:15.  On the big screen!  What a treat!  The Castro appearance is a rare one for Ali, who now makes her home in New Mexico.  She hates to watch herself onscreen - "it's harrowing for me" - she is eager to see just how Love Story holds up after four decades.  "I'll be interested at this screening, and I'm certainly looking forward to meeting some of the people around it.  I don't know whether 40 years later it touches people the same way," she says.  "I don't know.  I'm curious and nervous."  Well, Miss MacGraw, I will tell you that it will surely touch me 40 years later!

I asked my husband if he was interested in seeing her.  His reply was "it's something that I wouldn't normally watch myself, but if you really want to see it, then I'll accompany you."  Bad answer.  No matter how much I am into a show or performance, if I know my companion is the least bit interested, that would just ruin the whole evening for me.  I might as well go by myself.  Not a good night to ask any of my girlfriends if they'd like to accompany me since it's also Valentine's Day, they're likely to have something special planned with their partner.

Would I rather go see Ali MacGraw on my own or have a nice dinner with my husband?  Folks, I've been married 25 years and I pretty much know what to expect during dinner on Valentine's Day.  Besides, Ali's performance this Tuesday is supposed to be rare.  The paper said so!  For heaven's sake, she's 72 years old and I highly doubt if this will ever happen again in the Bay Area or ever!

That means, in order to make the 8 pm interview on Castro Street, I would have to leave the house around 6:30 pm to beat the traffic and find parking.  Not only that, I still need to eat dinner and prepare dinner for my two dependents at home.  Geesh!  Yeah, I know, how terribly unromantic of me, but screw it.  We're talking about Miss Ali MacGraw here!  She's an icon!  Don't you think Kendall Jenner is a spitting image of Ali MacGraw during her heyday?  I knew it wasn't just me, but Khloe Kardashian said so herself!  Absolutely gorgeous, the both of them!

I have 2 more days to think this over.  Should I or shouldn't I see her?  My head tells me I should see her but leave the hubby home.  Spend the $45 which includes VIP seating and pre-show signing with Miss MacGraw.  That would be absolutely priceless!  Why should I purchase 2 tickets for $90 when I know my husband will probably be bored out of his mind?  Or we both could do the $22.50 tickets and watch her from afar without getting her autograph.  So wrong!

You'll find out after Tuesday if I blog about her amazing appearance.


                           Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal

                          I love you.  I love you more!


                         Ali MacGraw Actress Ali MacGraw attends the Inaugural Gala of LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes on April 9, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Does anyone know what it really means?  It doesn't make sense at all.

February 18, 2012

Fast forward, 4 days later.  Yes,  I did see Ali and what an amazing evening it was!  

The Castro Theatre. 

Ali emerging from her limo.

Signing a huge poster of the event.

Some people came prepared!

She charged $10 per item to autograph.  Gotta make a living!

Here's mine.  I opted for the young Ali and Ryan.  Priceless!

Me:  You're gorgeous!
Ali:  So are you!
Me:  I've watched your movies since I was 12. 
Ali:  Great!  I hope you stick around for the rest of the evening, we'll have all
        sorts of fun and exciting surprises!  It's been a pleasure to meet you!
        (as she shakes my hand.)
Me:  What an honor to meet you too!


Ryan-Ali look alike contest

Runners up had to try on the famous cap first.

Vietnamese Ali

Even a Pakistani Ali.  Only in San Francisco!

And here's the winner!

One of the opening acts

The interview.  This is what I remembered.  She posed for Salvador Dali before she
became famous.  She worked for Coco Chanel and yes, it was just like The Devil Wears
Prada. Ryan O'Neal was nice but moody.  She's a grandma.  She moved to Santa Fe, New
Mexico after her Malibu house burned down.  She's a humanitarian, animal rights and
Aids activist.  She loves to do volunteer work.  What's the best way to meet people?  Don't
go to clubs.  Engage in activities that you love to do, like community service.  You will
most likely meet someone who enjoys the same things you do. 

They showed Love Story on the big screen at 10 pm.  The whole theatre was packed.  After 40 years, people were crying in the end and so was I!  Thanks for a wonderful evening, Ali!


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