February 7, 2012

25 or 6 to 4

We made plans a year ago to go to Italy for our 25th wedding anniversary in 2012.  It's been a few years since we've traveled anywhere especially with the kids.  We asked them if they wanted to join us and both replied "yes".  This is going to be an expensive trip, especially during summer.  Wait a minute.  Why go to Italy only on your 25th anniversary?  What makes your 25th anniversary more special than your 26th anniversary when 26 is longer than 25?  I don't get it.  Why should I wait for 25 when I could very well go on my 24th?  Well, it's too late now!  What did we do and where did we go on our 24th anyway?  Nowhere special I guess, since I can't even remember. 

Well, it's 2012 and honestly, I am not mentally ready to make a major trip out of the country anytime soon.  I guess it's because my busy season at work hasn't officially started yet, which is between March and July.  That goes the same with my husband whose busy season is between January and August.   You might as well throw in September, October and November, since he's a tax accountant.  That's why he's not excited to go anywhere until his work finally subsides around November! 

Then our daughter who's in college announced recently that she would like to study abroad next year in Spain.  She originally chose Moscow but that's gonna cost around 20k and up.  I don't think so.  I told her we don't have a money tree growing in our back yard, so she'll have to settle for something else.  When she chose Spain in January, I asked my husband if that was doable since that was the start of his busy season.  He said he would make the time and that he's had enough of allowing his work take over his life.  Thank you.  

So I thought, it would be unwise to go to Italy this summer and make a trip to Spain 6 months later on top of paying for our daughter's room and board, tuition, plane fare and pocket money.  Not to mention her apartment where she currently lives, which she needs to find someone to sublet while she's in Spain.  Therefore, we have decided to spend our 25th anniversary within the US instead.  I wanted to go to New York but my husband hates New York.  He suggested Yellowstone Park.  What?  Who do you think I am?  Yogi Bear?  I don't think so!  I suggested Chicago.  He agreed.  So, windy city it shall be. 

I'm excited!  I will finally get to see Cloud Gate which I must admit, today is when I discovered its name after googling it.  I didn't even know the movies While You Were Sleeping and My Best Friend's Wedding were filmed in Chicago.  Cool!


                                                Looks like a massive bean.

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