April 29, 2012

My Boring Weekend

Saw this movie.  Enjoyed it.  I love Emily Blunt.  I don't think she ever appeared in a movie with an American accent.  I guess that's her charm.

My hobby.  Makes me happy.  Really.

Here's a present I wrapped for someone I don't even know.  Going to her birthday party this weekend with a friend.  If she only knew the time I spent searching for the gift and wrapper.  I'm not complaining 'cause I really enjoyed it!

Did a ton of laundry.  You can tell a man invented this.  Really?  Just out of curiosity, I had to try them on.  My damn feet couldn't tell the difference between left and right!  I mean, who does this?  Are these meant for morons?  Do you think the mothers out there have the time to search for the left and right sock to put them together on top of the zillion other things we have to do?  My husband even had the nerve to tell me once that I bundled two left socks together!  I gave him a dirty look and told him he should do the laundry and folding from now on.

One of the 5 loads of laundry I did today.  Why am I doing your laundry?  Am I a bad mother or a tired mother?  I put in 50 hours of work this week.  I shouldn't have to do any housework on top of that.  I'm not superwoman.  Hello????

Me:  You know, you should be able to wash the tupperware and frying pan instead of leaving it in the sink.
Son:  I'm soaking it so it'll be easier to wash.
Me:  Yeah but no one makes any attempt to wash these things around here.  You all expect me to wash all the pots and tupperwares.  Not fair!


4 hours later, son finally washed them.   :)

I'd rather iron and do laundry all day than research for this.  I'll pay $20 to any takers out there.

Just hand over the chocolates and no one gets hurt.

I went to the kitchen to get a drink of this but it's all gone.  You all understand me when you have that certain craving right?  All I can say is I live with a bunch of vultures.

At least they took me out to dinner Friday and Sunday.  Ate leftovers on Saturday.  I shouldn't complain.

April 24, 2012

Pride and Prejudice 2

The women of Pride and Prejudice

The complete cast.  Why does Lydia look so frumpy?

A rare shot

Watching their future husbands enter the assembly.

Did you know Keira played the decoy queen in the Phantom Menace? 

An Education, another remarkable film with Jane and Kitty.

Deleted scene.  Bennett carriage stops as Militia passes by.

He's already in love.

Listen to your sister my dear brother.

How can I make amends for such behaviour?  (I had to spell it that way.)

Doesn't suit him.

Photo promo.

Coming or going?

Lizzie in Neverfield.

The various bookcovers.

To get into the real emotions, she was thinking of her mom when she died.

Another behind the scenes photo

Jane and Bingley

Did you get to keep the bust of Darcy?
Matthew Macfadyen: I’m waiting to be offered it. I don’t know where it is.
Joe Wright: Actually the Duchess of Devonshire got it. it’s on display at Chatsworth.

Plain but charming.

In one of the sequel books, Georgiana, Darcy's sister is knocked up by his friend, Fitzwilliam.

The scene that both Matthew Macfadyen and Keira Knightley singled out as memorable in the film was the first proposal 'rain' scene, shot under rain machines. "That was a good scene," says MacFadyen, "We called it the 'car crash scene.'" He describes it as his favorite while Knightley says it was 'the most difficult' scene, but added that it was still 'fantastic.'

Wait, I caught you snooping in my house!


I shall let Jane and Bingley have their day and wait my turn tomorrow.  In the meantime, go ahead and agonize.

The novice and the expert.

What's wrong with this picture?

No, they weren't writing to each other, obviously.

The two Mrs. Darcys.

Oh my!


That was the original name of the book according to Jane Austen.

She was probably home reading or playing the pianoforte.

Matthew, hands down.

Keira hands down.

I liked 2004 and 2005.

Kitty: Can I wear your spotted muslin? Oh, please, Jane.
Jane: No, I need it.
Kitty: Please, Jane, I'll lend you my green sleepers.
Jane: They were mine.
Kitty: Oh, where they? Well, then I'll do your mending for a week.
Lydia: I'll return your new bonnet.
Kitty: Two weeks.
Lydia: I'll repay you myself Jane.
Lydia: Jane, look at me, Jane.
Jane: But I want to wear it myself.

“In the novel, Austen’s characters are all very polite, waiting until the other person has finished speaking, before speaking themselves. But I know that, particularly in big families of girls, everyone tends to speak over each other, finishing each other’s sentences, etc. So I felt that the Bennet family’s conversations would be overlapping like that.”
(Joe Wright, P&P director)

One of the famous hand scenes.

The calm and confident hand scene.

Never mind them and Lizzie.  I'll marry you!

She looks like a crow amidst her fancied up mom and sisters.

Dear God, I can't go to Pemberley!

Their first touch.

I'll give you the liberty of explaining yourself, but I really don't care.  Just glad that you're here.

This scene was derived from a teen movie in the 80s.  Forgot which one.

No one writes like that anymore.  Such classic.

Was she really in a trance when he showed up with his letter? 

"Mr. Collins! You can't sit next to your wife! Move, over there!" - Lady Catherine

Nervous as hell.

My embarrassing family.

Taking a break.

You can't be serious Charles!