April 29, 2012

My Boring Weekend

Saw this movie.  Enjoyed it.  I love Emily Blunt.  I don't think she ever appeared in a movie with an American accent.  I guess that's her charm.

My hobby.  Makes me happy.  Really.

Here's a present I wrapped for someone I don't even know.  Going to her birthday party this weekend with a friend.  If she only knew the time I spent searching for the gift and wrapper.  I'm not complaining 'cause I really enjoyed it!

Did a ton of laundry.  You can tell a man invented this.  Really?  Just out of curiosity, I had to try them on.  My damn feet couldn't tell the difference between left and right!  I mean, who does this?  Are these meant for morons?  Do you think the mothers out there have the time to search for the left and right sock to put them together on top of the zillion other things we have to do?  My husband even had the nerve to tell me once that I bundled two left socks together!  I gave him a dirty look and told him he should do the laundry and folding from now on.

One of the 5 loads of laundry I did today.  Why am I doing your laundry?  Am I a bad mother or a tired mother?  I put in 50 hours of work this week.  I shouldn't have to do any housework on top of that.  I'm not superwoman.  Hello????

Me:  You know, you should be able to wash the tupperware and frying pan instead of leaving it in the sink.
Son:  I'm soaking it so it'll be easier to wash.
Me:  Yeah but no one makes any attempt to wash these things around here.  You all expect me to wash all the pots and tupperwares.  Not fair!


4 hours later, son finally washed them.   :)

I'd rather iron and do laundry all day than research for this.  I'll pay $20 to any takers out there.

Just hand over the chocolates and no one gets hurt.

I went to the kitchen to get a drink of this but it's all gone.  You all understand me when you have that certain craving right?  All I can say is I live with a bunch of vultures.

At least they took me out to dinner Friday and Sunday.  Ate leftovers on Saturday.  I shouldn't complain.

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