April 1, 2012

The dreaded flu

I hardly get sick.  You will most likely hear me with allergies or some coughing but that's due to my asthma which is pretty much unavoidable.  The last time I got the flu, my kids were still in grade school and now, one's in college and the other is done.  Well, the bug hit me unexpectedly last Wednesday and totally knocked me out.  How could a seemingly innocent looking virus cause total havoc to the human body?  It felt like a truck ran me over and I was burning like mad!  Two days later, I was actually in tears because I was in so much pain and no amount of advil could relieve me from my misery.  I was ready to take the meds I was prescribed years ago for my shingles, for heaven's sake!

This is what the blasted virus does when it attacks your body.

Pretty interesting and a bit disturbing, isn't it?  Thank God for my trusty antibodies, 5 days later, I am finally feeling a whole lot better.  That was 5 days of ordering take out for everyone and popping advils.  When you're sick, you're never in your right state of mind.  On my 5th day of recovery, I finally read the bottle and it says not to take more than 6 advils within 24 hours or it may cause stomach bleeding.  Good grief!  They need to post that in bold letters right in front of the bottle!  I must have been popping about 10 a day!  Maybe that's what was making me sick!  Additionally, your tastebuds go and nothing tastes right.  I miss home cooked meals.  Never thought I'd live to hear myself say that.

I was glued to this for 4 days.

Now, I'm well enough to pay the bills which is making me sick again.

I wish I could take an extra day off tomorrow but I really need to get back to work.  Why is it that you think you feel well enough to return to work, the moment to get there, the pain comes right back and you wish you should've stayed home?  Next year, I promise to take that flu shot offered at work.  No excuse.  No one deserves to feel like they were run over by a truck.  

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