March 3, 2012

Don't you hate it when

You use that plastic grocery bag and the tiny piece from the top comes off and falls on the floor or gets stuck on you.

You're ready to prepare a dish and you're out of one ingredient.

You're going out and the outfit you had in mind is in the hamper.

You're craving for chocolate but you already had the last piece a few days ago.

You're bored and everyone you call is not picking up the phone.

That one and only important shot you took came out blurry.

You really have to use the bathroom at the movies but the unimportant scene never comes.

The store runs out of your size and the closest store that carries it is 100 miles away.

You turn on the radio and your favorite song is coming to an end.

Your flight is delayed and your cell phone is ready to die

You get to a restaurant and the wait is 45 minutes long.  You know it will take about the same amount of time to go elsewhere and be seated, so you're forced to wait.

You throw a piece of paper or a tissue in the trash and it lands right on the top edge.

You squeeze out the remaining dishwashing liquid or shampoo and it's not enough to do the job.

You drive home and getting out of your car, your home phone is ringing.

You're reviewing an Excel file and when you exit, it asks you if you want to save the changes you made and you know you didn't make any changes? 

It takes forever to find the date on a receipt.

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