February 11, 2012

25 Things you may or may not know about me

  1.  I love making party favors.  I find it very therapeutic. 

  2.  I refuse to carry a purse including contents that weigh more than 3.5 lbs.

  3.  I could spend hours at Michaels and Papyrus.

  4.  Never ask me what's for dinner.

  5.  I love wrapping gifts for friends.  It's just no fun pulling a gift out of a gift bag, no        
       matter how lovely the bag looks.  You have to rip open the present.

  6.  I am a sucker for ribbons.

  7.  I really should own and manage a Papyrus gift shop.

  8.  I love to curl up in bed after work and catch up on my recorded shows but end up       
       falling asleep 80% of the time.

  9.  I don't cook dinner on Fridays and expect to be dined out.

10.  I eat to survive and not for taste when it comes to cooking, but the opposite when dining

11.  I don't answer the phone at home.

12.  I still have an MP3 player and have never owned an ipod.

13.  I literally flipped when someone deleted Love Story from my recorded shows on

14.  I can't take a compliment for what it is and have trouble acknowledging it.

15.  I think I'm on the verge of OCD.

16.  I spend way too much time on the internet.  But don't we all?

17.  I have 10 sweaters in the same style in different colors and working on my 11th one.

18.  I sound like a velociraptor when I blow my nose.

19.  I'm still searching for the most comfortable shoes ever.  So far, it's the Anne Klein 
       Bambam iflex in my closet.

20.  Napoleon Dynamite is one of my favorite movies.  I know.

21.  I like alternative rock.

22.  I can't stand Facebook whores.

23.  I wouldn't mind moving to the UK.

24.  Even after getting allergy shots for over 15 years, I can still have a bad attack of the

25.  I don't consider myself normal because I don't have straight hair like 80% of the people
       out there.


Sure I can make you this!


Who the hell is calling me now?

You wish!


I'll take 5 yards of everything!

All for you!


I cry everytime.

I laugh everytime.


 It's getting old.

So what if I wear them everyday?  I'm comfortable and you're not!


I wish!


I sound like him.

I consider it a handicap.

No way.

Yes I heard you but I don't know what to say.

Don't bother me.

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