August 6, 2011

To Louis or not to Louis

August 6, 2011

I have been eyeing this Louis Vuitton Brea MM for awhile now.

Isn't it gorgeous?  Too bad, it doesn't come in black.  This one here (Terre D'Ombre) is actually a dark aubergine.  That's French for eggplant if you're too lazy to google it.  I was at an LV store in Vegas last May and checked out this beauty.  I swear, this color looked black to me.  But then again, I need new glasses.  I have been agonizing whether to purchase this.  The damn thing cost $2,190 and I regret not buying it last year because LV's prices go up every year and they never go on sale.  When I went to Paris last year, I wanted to purchase an LV at Champs Elysees but by the time we got there a little past 8 pm, the store was already closed, along with every other store in Paris!  Good grief!  That's still early!  Anyway, all I could do was look through the window and admire all the beautiful bags on display and watch the staff decorate the store for the following day.  So, this was the closest I got to an LV in Paris.

   Anyway, at that time, I really wanted to purchase a Popincourt Haut

It was around $900+ last year and now it's gone up to $1,170.  Absolutely ridiculous!  Fast forward to December, 2011.  Looks like LV discontinued this item because it's no longer on their website.  Bummer.   The cheapest shoulder bag now is a Neverfull PM at $770.

I wanted to get this one too but after I saw it in the store, it was way too small for me.  Besides, why should I buy a purse that expensive when it doesn't even have an outer zipper to protect your stuff? Size is important to me since it must be small enough to fit into my desk drawer at work.   

Anyway, I've been debating whether to get the Monogram Canvas or the Monogram Vernis.  Everybody and their uncle has a fake Monogram Canvas. Even if I do not own an LV, I am able to tell the difference between a fake and the real thing a mile away.  As a result, I have decided to skip the Monogram Canvas because I don't want people to mistake mine for a fake one!  Lol!  I also love the Monogram Multicolore

but I just cannot bring myself to spend $2,670 on a handbag!  Just 1 installment of my property tax cost $2,632.93 and I know for a fact that each April and December, when I write out that check to payable to the Tax Collector's office, I will remind myself that I foolishly spent that much money on an LV bag that's just sitting in my closet, wrapped up in a dust bag in an LV box inside an LV shopping bag!  I was having a discussion with a co-worker last Friday about my hesitation in purchasing an LV.  She owns 2 bags herself and wants to sell the smaller one and purchase a bigger size.  I told her "Why not keep both and buy the 3rd one"?  She said "Because it's so expensive".  She actually told me to treat myself and buy the Brea MM.  Sales tax has gone down 1 point and I could also buy one in Oregon where there is no sales tax!  Right, I'm gonna fly to Oregon just to avoid the sales tax!  Smart move!  She said "You have a job, and it's your money, so why don't you buy it"?  "You know it'll make you happy and you've been eyeing this thing for the longest time and there's nothing else out there that you want more than this"!  I told her to go away, that she was tempting me like the devil. 

My birthday has come and gone and I already deposited my entire bonus into our savings.  On top of that, I have not mentioned to my husband that I really want this Brea MM.  I guess, since I haven't purchased it yet, then that means  deep down inside, I really don't need this bag after all.  So, I will just admire it on the internet and continue using my $35 handbag on sale that I've been using everyday for the past 3 months.  Silly and frugal me.   :( 

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