August 4, 2011

My First Blog

August 4, 2011

Well, here I am, blogging for the first time.  I normally blog on Word and Outlook, save it in drafts and go back days later and read them when I'm bored.  So, here's the real thing.  Give me some time to figure how this thing works.  I promise you, my blog will look as great as the others that I follow.  To start off,
I love the following:   

  • Browsing through Papyrus, Michaels, Daiso, Home Goods, Ikea, Home sections of Marshalls, Ross, TJ Max (I know!). 
  • Shabby Chic designs
  • Stationeries and Note Cards
  • Wrapping gifts.  Everyone deserves to open a present the old fashioned way instead of pulling stuff out of a gift bag on their birthday!
  • Bracelets
  • Reading certain people's blogs and tweets.  It can get addicting!
  • Would I say that I'm hooked on Facebook?  I do check it daily. 
  • Mr. Darcy of course!
  • London, Versailles, Japan, New Zealand, Newport Beach, New York
  • Eating leftovers for lunch while watching TV in the family room ALONE.
  • Louis Vuitton Brea MM. 
  • Keeping up with the Kardashians
  • Project Runway especially Heidi, Michael, Nina and Tim
  • Eating out for dinner
Things that I dislike:     

  • Cooking
  • Grocery shopping
  • Returning people's phonecalls
  • Filling up gas
  • Long road trips
  • Packing for a trip
  • Unpacking from a trip
  • Typing with one finger on the ipad
  • Chauvinist men
  • Prince's music
  • Facebook whores
  • Looking for Deadmau5 every morning (private joke) 
  • How smart phones must be constantly charged
  • Blowdrying but I have to do it
  • Days when I have to get my shots
  • The way some people leave messages on my voicemail

Btw, I added the animations 3 days later!

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    1. Ah, so happy to see another "Mrs Darcy" out there in the blogosphere! Congrats on the new blog!