July 10, 2012

Fantasizing about LVs again.

For several years, I've been visiting Louis Vuitton's website, picking my favorite bags and deciding what to get.  I even you tube them to get people's comments.  These are/were my choices:

Popincourt Haut.  I'm a lover of square bags but not a lover of oxidized leather.  Besides, this bag was discountinued.  Too bad.  It even had a zipper.

Brea MM Vernis.  Still on the top of my list. Do I really want to live with that shoulder strap getting in the way all the time?  It does look fab, though!

1st choice.
Neverfull MM.  Everybody and their uncle has this, both fake and authentic.  So why am I drawn to this?  I like how it's boxy and I especially love the strings at the sides.  You can toss everything and anything in there!  Yeah, right.  Me who hates carrying a bag that weighs more than 3 lbs.  That's the look that I prefer.  Cinched at the sides, creating a square look as usual.  But that beautiful leather will eventually oxidize.  Solution?  Get the Damier Ebene below.

Damier Ebene.  No oxidizing and the red interior looks hot. 

Cabas Rivington.  Looks like the Neverfull but the best part is you can zip it at the sides and voila, it looks square!  I know it'll be hard to find stuff in there since it's so deep.  Maybe not since it doesn't have a zipper.  They should make this in Damier Azur and Monogram Multicolore. 

Speedy 30 Multicolor.  Who wouldn't love this?  But you can only wear solid colors with this bag.  Why doesn't it come with a strap?  You can't be holding that bag on your arm forever! 

Hampstead MM.  I've been eyeing this lately.  Square and not very common out there.  Nice, isn't it?  Perfect around the shoulders too.  Forget it.  Just crossed this off my wish list.

Delightful GM.  Never really noticed this until a co-worker brought it to my attention, because of the hardware.  Very nice but it will be too massive for my frame.  GM stands for ginormous monster. 

2nd choice.

Wilshire MM.  Go figure.  It's boxy.

Again, maybe one of these days..............

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