July 9, 2012

No more pedis for me!

Had a pedi last month at a place I've been going to for 5 years.  3 weeks later, my toe started hurting and it was red and throbbing.  Paid a visit to my podiatrist and he said I had an ingrown toe nail.  He warned me against getting pedis and allowing anyone to use their tools on my feet because these places never sterilize their tools and he has seen so many infections. 

   Dr. Dobbs gave me 3 shots on my big toe to numb it.  That was painful.  I didn't feel the last 2 shots though.  He then inserted a ginormous needle at the base of my toe and asked if I felt it.  When I said no, he said it was safe to start the procedure. 

I'm not gonna go through the gory details but here's a video of something similar that was done on my foot.

    Seriously, I think it was just a classic case of an ingrown toenail instead of a toe infection as a result of the pedi.  But who knows.  Now, I feel hesitant to get another pedi.  But it feels so good!  What to do?  Ensure that they sterilize their tools?  How?  My daughter says they always use their tools from a sealed plastic bag which they open in front of you.  I've never noticed it.  That doesn't mean anything.  Or maybe  I should just stick with one pedicurist from now on.  Trinity. 

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