November 29, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2

Finally saw this movie.  I didn't care if the Chronicle's little man was sleeping when the reviews came out, while another movie critic called it the best Twilight movie of all.  I had to see it for myself.  Besides, I never agreed with Mick La Salle's critiques anyway.  He's from another planet.

I must say, it wasn't the best Twilight movie ever.  There were only 2 scenes that moved me.  The clever ending with a twist which caught everyone by surprise, myself included.  It's not that we've never seen anything like this played before.  For those of you that haven't watched the movie yet, you may want to stop here.  This has been executed before in Dallas back in the 80s.  You remember that famous scene when Pam Ewing wakes up in the morning and finds her 'dead husband' Bobby Ewing in the shower as he greets her "Good Morning, beautiful"!  The whole season was Pam's dream!  How clever!  And Stephenie Meyers decides to copy that stunt but in a different fashion.  I mean, how else can you bring back the dead?  Yeah, that'll surely work for the young audiences who probably have no clue about Dallas!

The second scene that moved me and actually brought tears to my eyes was the introduction of all the characters from all of the Twilight movies, coupled with the background music of Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years".  How touching. 


You know this is the end of the saga and there will be no Twilight movie coming out next year.  Ms. Meyers, please write another book!  There's so much to write about!  How about Renesmee's life as a teenager, her relationship with Jacob.  Billy wondering why Bella never grows old as he gets older.  I'd like to see Bella suck the life out of a human in her quench for human blood.  Or Renesmee screwing up in school, giving proof that she's half mortal and half vampire.  She's just a teenager who hasn't been around for decades unlike her vampire family! 

I would have loved to witness Edward and Bella's vampire sex.  Bella confronts Edward that he was holding back during their honeymoon when he broke down their matrimonial bed.  But since all the hype already happened in Part 1, they had to tone it down big time in Part 2.  The whole house would have been shaking off the ground and the residents of Forks probably thought it was an earthquake. 

After watching Breaking Dawn Part 1, I did go on Wikipedia to find out what happens in Part 2.  It sounded boring, with the Volturi headed to Washington to kill Renesmee and Aro finally realizes that she does not pose a threat to the Volturi.  I thought, how could you make a movie out of that?  But, they did do a fantastic job, especially the scenes where they showed some of our favorite characters dying one by one.  No!  Not Carlisle!  Not Emmet!  Not the two wolves!  Who were they, anyway?  Jane (Dakota Fanning), yeah, she deserves to die, that evil bitch!  It was a long 10 minute battle and in the end, as it can only happen in the movies, does everyone come out alive and well.  How?  Go see for yourself! 

I'd like to buy all 4 dvds as the final chapter becomes available.  My favorite Twilight scenes of all time are:







Edward and Bella, may your love flourish for a thousand years!

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