May 15, 2012

A letter to my 25 year old self

Here's a letter I would have written to myself back when I was 25.

Dear Me,

Don't spend your energy worrying about things ... everything always turns out all right. Pay attention to your gut; it's rarely wrong.  Don't be upset or depressed when things are not perfect; life is a combination of good, bad, happy and sad days and experiences.  Don't be afraid to have an opinion or disagree with someone who has a different point of view; your voice counts.  Don't give up your values or principles for a man; the right man will love you just the way you are.  Don't lose yourself; laugh as loud as you want and be every bit of yourself as you are.  Don't sell yourself short; you won't always be the smartest, but you will work harder than anyone else.  Don't spend what you don't have; you will always have what you need.  Don't give up on love; you will find it much later in life and it will be worth the wait.  

Be present everyday and savor every moment, whether it is joyful or painful; there is a lesson in everything.  Everything happens for a reason.

Be kind, be generous, be grateful, be content, be happy.  You'll be just fine.


 You know that fear that you have about producing ugly children?  No worries, they all turn out to be gorgeous!

This post is inspired by the latest issue Oprah magazine ... HOW TO GET BETTER WITH AGE.
Oprah writes a letter to her 21 year old self

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