January 15, 2012

Morning Rituals

    I hate morning rituals.  Really.  Get up in the morning, turn on the tv to the morning news, take a shower, floss, brush, apply  deodorant, body lotion, face lotion, heat up the flat iron, change, brush and iron my hair, ( If it's a wash your hair day, I would have to set my alarm at 5:30 am just to wash, blow dry and iron my hair which takes a good hour or so.)  Sometimes, I wish I were a nurse so I can just pony tail my hair and go to work with no make up, in my scrubs and rubber shoes.  Those medical workers' got it made!  Now, where was I?  Ah yes, apply make up, apply eye drops, inhaler, put on my shoes, make the bed and prepare breakfast which  consists of toast with butter and jam, 2 slices of fruit, a slice of cheese and a cup of tea.  Read the papers, eat and dump the dishes in the dishwasher and out the door at 7:30 am.
Driving to work takes me 15-20 minutes and this is the only ritual that I do not mind because it's my "me time" and I'm usually listening to my Beatles cd. I currently have 6 Beatles cds in my car and I've been listening to them over and over again since I don't know, August? A few days ago, I was listening to the song "Something" over and over again from the time I left home til I reached work and again from the time I left work and reached home! I fell in love with this song when I was 12 and still love this song at 53!


George Harrison's original  composition of "Something" in his own write!

     My ritual continues when I arrive at work.  I slide open my glass window, flip on the lights and check for God forbid, critters inside the glue traps to the left and right of my desk with a flashlight.  I won't even go there but you can reverse back to my previous blog about "Disgusting Mickey" if you want the full synopsis. 

     I enter the office across mine, unlock the door with my keys, purposely leave my keys in the door knob and leave the door open.  I get my laptop and keyboard inside the cabinet.  I turn on the copy machine because it takes a while to 'heat up'.  As I'm heading out of this office, there's usually someone walking by who'll notice my keys in the door knob and tell me "someone left their keys".  I reply "I know, they're mine."  It's a ritual, don't you get it?  On my way out, I'll grab my keys and march into my office.  Less things for me to carry on my way in.  I set my laptop down, open it, turn it on, unwind the cord around my keyboard and plug it into my laptop, plug the internet cord and lock down my laptop.  I take out my mouse from my right drawer, unravel the cord and plug it in.  This, I have been doing for 5 freakin years day in and day out.  Why do I have a laptop and not a desktop where I can just click the damn switch on every morning like everyone else?  Because my office is only 12 feet from the front doors leading to the street which means anyone can come in and steal my laptop.  That's why I have a laptop that's locked to my desk.  I spoke with the tech guys about this and they said they could bolt down a screen to my desk so no once can steal it.  But I would still have to set up my laptop daily.  I really need to get a larger screen because everything on my laptop is too damn small to read.  Some people say it just gives the thief something extra to ponder and steal before and after work hours.  True! 

I have a nice view but those doors drive me nuts.

Fast forward to Feb, 2012.  Finally got my 19" monitor.  Was hoping for a 24" but I'm happy with this.  Larger than what most have around here.  Why didn't I ask for this 5 years ago?  Also figured out how to set my laptop Beatles slideshow.  Got to add more pics!

    The ritual doesn't end there.  I hang my jacket behind the door and put my purse inside my drawer.  I see the flashing light on my phone and I'm debating whether I should get my coffee first or check my voicemail.  Coffee first.  On to the dining room I head, pouring my coffee, adding milk, splenda, stir, lid and sleeve, throw the packet and stirrir in the trash and head back to my desk.  Then I check my voicemail.

That's around 35 rituals that I do everyday between 6 to 8 am.  No wonder I hate morning rituals.  I bet your morning ritual is no different than mine!

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